Kérastase Chronologiste - Parfum En Huile (120ml)


Kérastase Chronologiste - Parfum En Huile (120ml)


  • Put a few pumps on the palm
  • Spread the perfume oil evenly over the hands
  • Rub the oil through the hair
  • Do not rinse

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For a finish with a lovely scent and silky and shiny hair. This leave-in perfume oil from Kerastase is widely praised by various hair stylists and salons. Kerastase Chronologist Le Parfum and Huile has a unique combination of different nuances of scents, including Tea Rose, Light Woods and Musk. This creates a wonderfully unique scent. The Kerastase Chronologiste Le Parfum and Huile is also enriched with the Oleo extract, this extract is extracted from the gum resin Myrrh also known as Mirre, hereby the hair is visibly nourished and gives it a beautiful appearance.

Chronologist Le Parfum and Huile

  • Leave-in perfume oil
  • For every hair type
  • Radiant hair
  • Delicious smell
  • Unique composition
  • Contains: Tea Rose, Light Wood and Musk
  • Perfume and Oil in one

Burden of aging hair? Then the products from the Kerastaste Chronologiste offer the solution. These products restore the hair where needed and give the hair a slight shine and volume. Impurities are removed from both the scalp and the hair fibers. The Kerastase Chronologist products are suitable for all types of hair that can use a little extra food and care.